Events & publications


The ALApp project organises a wide range of private and public events. The major public event will be the project conference in spring 2019. Until then, the project runs seminars and workshops for invited actors, involving both local communities and organisations as well as stakeholders from the Frontiers of the Roman Empire and developing digital tools for heritage interpretation.

In addition to the events, various publications inform about the project and present its outcomes, including project flyers, presentations and papers available online and in-print.


Forthcoming events

In the second half of 2017, ALApp will run a select number of invited stakeholder events in Bavaria and an international seminar in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2018, events will take place in both countries, culminating in an international conference in Bavaria in early 2019.

More details on forthcoming events events will be available in September 2017.


Past events

In the autumn of 2016, two local stakeholder seminars were held in Scotland, focusing on audience research. Whilst one event involved school children, the other was attended by select representatives of Scottish organisations from local government and the tourism industry


Please see the document below for a full list of events:

List of conference papers and events


The principal outputs of the ALApp project are, of course, the apps for the Antonine Wall and the Raethian Limes. However, to inform about the project and disseminate its research findings, a variety of digital and print media are used: project flyers, email newsletters, social media, video streams, magazine articles, conference papers / presentations, journal papers, technical guidance and, lastly, this website at


Project flyers

To get an overview of ALApp, digital and printed project flyers are available in English and German. You can download the digital flyers as PDF files, which can be viewed using the free software Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you would like to receive a printed flyer, please email us at mail (at)

                                                      Final Report

As part of ALApp's advancement of the app platform, please see below for the project's final report:

ALAPP Final Report_PW - Copy2



Social media & video streams

You can follow the ALApp project on Facebook and Twitter and watch the project's animation streams at SketchFab and Vimeo:

SketchFab page for virtual 3D model streams
Vimeo page for video streams


Papers and presentations

The ALApp project partners give presentations about the project at conferences and other events, publish articles in magazines and papers in conference proceedings, journals, magazine and issue press releases and contribute to other forms of news reporting.

Presentations and papers at conferences and other events include to this date:

Christof's conference presentation in Vienna in 2016 XXXXX

Articles in magazines include to this date:

Wilson, L., Weeks, T., & Rawlinson, A., 2017. Bringing the Antonine Wall to life. Focus. p.50-1.

Papers in academic journals include to this date:

[to be added shortly]

Press releases and other forms of news reporting include to this date:

Press release of Historic Environment Scotland in May 2016 and associated news reporting

Press release of Bavarian State Office for Monument Care in XXXXX 2016 and associated news reporting

Radio interview with P. Weeks of Historic Environment Scotland on radio BBC XXXXX on XXXXX May 2016 [listen online at SoundCloud or download as MP4 file of 30 MB]

News in the local Bavarian newspaper May 2017 XXXXXX

[to be published in 2019]